Seminar of the heads of the departments of education

On August 3-4, 2018, a seminar was held for the heads of regional, Astana, Almaty, Shymkent of educational departments on the theme “Management of educational organizations in a changing world”.

The aim of the seminar was to discuss the problems of further improving education in the context of introducing an updated content of education, the role of the teacher in this process.

At the seminar were made: Shamshidinova K.N. – Chairman of the Board of AO NISH, Balykbaev T.O. – rector of Kaz NPU him. Abay, Beisembaev G.B. – Director General of the ITC EDTECH, Kozhakhmetov AB – President of Almaty University Management, Samsaev IM – Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC NCCU “RLEU”, Zhumabekova RM – Chairman of the Republican Public Association “Arsana” and employees of Kaz NPU. Abay and others.

Participants of the seminar made suggestions on: introduction of NIS pedagogical technologies into the curricula of higher educational institutions; conducting scientific practice-oriented studies of education; increasing the terms of pedagogical practice and holding it at the place of residence of students; conducting pedagogical practice of future teachers, starting with the second year; the involvement of EDTECH’s specialists for the organization of career guidance work among schoolchildren of 9 classes; creation in regions of sites for the accumulation and exchange of pedagogical experience among teachers; strengthening the work of the teaching staff of pedagogical universities in the basic organizations of education.

To this end, a number of suggestions and suggestions were made to improve the organization and content of the educational process in pedagogical universities.

In order to coordinate actions to form a student contingent and train young teachers between pedagogical universities and departments of education, a decision was taken to create the Consortium “Educational Alliance”. The members of the Consortium expressed their desire to become the Department of Education as a customer, the EDTECH MSC as a provider, KazNPU him. Abay as a basic pedagogical university.

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