About us

Department of distance education

Specialists in the organization of distance learning ensure the coordination of the work of tutors and students. Their functions are:
– management of the documentation of students from admission to release (the main package of documentation, movement of the contingent, registration of academic achievements, advice on the organization of the educational process, etc.);
– work with tutors (the authors of the course) during the academic period (pedagogical load, conclusion and extension of the contract, consultation on the organization of the educational process, control of distance learning, etc.);
– organization and conduct of boundary, intermediate and final forms of control of students' knowledge.

Content-manager of distance learning is engaged in informational support of the educational portal.

Department of software and hardware

The content architect together with the author of the course writes the script of the course in accordance with the standards of distance education. While writing a script, visual elements are developed (animation, image, graphics, modeling, video, etc.) that contribute the better learning of the learning material. After developing the script, content creation specialists, using appropriate animation and graphic programs, improve the visual elements of the course, and then place it in the distance education system

The software engineer provides software support for the distance learning system and educational portal.

Engineer – provides technical support for the portal, is responsible for the functioning of the technical infrastructure of the СEandDE system.

Marketing department

The specialist in information and marketing provision promotes educational programs for bachelor's, master's, doctoral and advanced courses in the Kazakhstan and international markets for distance education services, including remote marketing tools Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, promotion in social media and reputation management

Department of professional development

Specialists of the department are engaged in raising the professional and pedagogical skills of the faculty of KazNPU named after Abai and regional pedagogical universities, developing training and methodological complexes for advanced training courses, organizing the courses to enhance qualifications for teachers and colleges in Almaty on the new content of school education.

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