Center for Advanced Studies and Distance Education

The aim is to implement the state policy in the training of pedagogical personnel, improve the professional growth and pedagogical skills of the teachers of pedagogical universities in Kazakhstan, and improve the efficiency and quality of training teachers by integrating distance education technologies with traditional forms of education.

Tasks in the field of professional development:

1. Creation of an effective system for improving professional and pedagogical skills for the teachers of KazNPU named after Abai, responding to new approaches to the training of teachers;

2. Development of new educational programs for professional development reflecting changes in the content of higher pedagogical and secondary education;

3. Organization of training of the teaching staff of the University and other pedagogical universities of the republic in specialized areas and specialties;

4. Organization of advanced training of university teachers in the field of IT in stages to 100% by 2020 in accordance with the list of activities for implementation by universities in the framework of the State Program "Digital Kazakhstan" and the Roadmap on the development of human capital for a digital economy for 2018-2020;

5. To create a new trend of professional development of educators reflecting the current world trends in education;

6. Create a sustainable system for training managers of educational organizations in Kazakhstan.

Objectives in the field of distance education:

1. Introduction of distance educational technologies at all levels of education - bachelor, master and doctoral studies;

2. Increasing the effectiveness of the educational process at all levels of education through the introduction of blendedlearning technology;

3. Development, placement and accompaniment of author's courses of leading university teachers on the University's educational portal;

4. Raising the qualification of the teaching staff of the university and other pedagogical universities of the republic with the use of distance educational technologies;

5. Development and placement on the national platform of open education and Open University of Kazakhstan of mass open online courses on the subjects of the cycle of compulsory general education disciplines of bachelor, master and doctorate programs;

6. Information and marketing support of education programs for bachelor's, master's, doctoral and advanced courses using remote tools.

Distance education is:
- Conveniently
- Profitable
- Diploma of the state sample
Bachelor's Degree:

5B010200 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education
5B011100 – Informatics
5B011700 – Kazakh language and literature
5B011300 – Biology
5B020200 – International Relations
5B030100 – Jurisprudence

Specialities of Master's Degree:

6М010300 — Pedagogy and Psychology (Management in Education)
6М010700 — Fine art and drawing
6M030200 — International law

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